SSS Auditions

APRIL 10th & 11th

The Phoenix Theatre – 705 N. Illinois Street, Indianapolis


Summer Stock Stage is planning an entirely outdoor season, and we want you to play a part!


Summer Stock Stage in the Park at The Phoenix presents:



We Will Rock You – Zoom Callbacks 4/12 7-9pm or 4/17 10am-noon, Rehearsals begin 5/22, Shows 6/10 – 6/12

13 the Musical – Zoom Callbacks 4/13 7-9pm or 4/17 noon-2pm, Rehearsals begin 6/5, Shows 6/24 – 6/26

Once on this Island – Zoom Callbacks 4/14 7-9pm or 4/17 2-4pm, Rehearsals begin 6/19, Shows 7/8 – 10

Chicago – Zoom Callbacks 4/15 7-9pm or 4/17 4-6 pm, Rehearsals begin 7/03, Shows 7/22 – 24

These four musicals have roles for all ethnicities, genders and types.


We hope to see you at individual auditions April 10 and 11*.  Callbacks will be on Zoom at 7 pm, Monday through Thursday  or during the day on Saturday for individual shows; you must be available for one of the Zoom callback session for the show(s) for which you are auditioning.


This year, because of COVID-19, we are implementing safety precautions that will affect audition and rehearsal protocols.  Please check back with our site to see more about our COVID-19 modifications and safety protocols and ensure that you are comfortable participating.


As always, Summer Stock Stage remains a free experience for our actors outside of the nominal participation fee of $85.  Rehearsals and performances will be at the Phoenix Theatre on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.  The typical rehearsal schedule is weekdays 3-9:30pm, Saturdays 10am to 5pm and Sundays 1-5pm.  Tech/dress rehearsals will likely go until 10pm.  Chicago rehearsals will begin at 2pm.


*There will be limited slots available on Monday, April 12 for students who are on spring break and out of town April 10 and 11.  Please email us at to reserve one of these slots.

Audition Requirements:



Auditions are open to students from all schools who have finished 7th grade to those who will graduate from high school in 2021. Summer Stock Stage is committed to an inclusive casting policy. Students are encouraged to audition for all roles.

Students may audition for one or all shows.  Scholarships are available.


What to prepare

  • Sign up for an audition

  • No headshots and resumes are required

  • Prepare 16 bars of a musical theater selection.

    • Please bring sheet music in the correct key for the accompanist


Audition material


No conflicts will be accepted.

Character Breakdowns

GALILEO FIGARO— Male presenting. A vulnerable, sensitive rebel searching for a destiny. Twitchy and tortured soul, who will ultimately grow into the shining hero of the story. Rockstar style voice with a wide range and a strong, showy belt.

SCARAMOUCHE— Female presenting. An individual in a world of sameness. Filled with sarcasm and quick wit that belies a big sensitive heart.  Rockstar style voice with a wide range and a strong, showy belt.

KILLER QUEEN— The evil, selfish and bombastic ruler of the iPlanet. The world revolves around her and she absolutely knows it. No one better get in her way. Powerful, soulful voice with a rock style belt.

KHASHOGGI— The oily, conniving assistant to the Killer Queen. Captain of the evil police force who relishes in wiping out individuality. Strong character voice, strong falsetto a plus!

B—Male presenting. A pillar of the Bohemian community. The male embodiment of an ancient, bombastic diva of the past: Beyonce. Lower range voice with a strong belt.

OZ—Female presenting. A pillar of the Bohemian community. A fierce warrior, and the female embodiment of rock legend Ozzy Ozbourne. Higher range voice with a strong belt.

BUDDY—An older, wise leader of the Bohemians, willing to sacrifice himself for the good of his people.


ENSEMBLE: A very hardworking group of performers who will fill various roles (both named and not) to set the tone and the world of the show. LOTS of opportunity to stand out with solos and lines.

Bohemians (ARETHA, MADONNA, BRUCE, MICHAEL, JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE, RINGO, JAGGER, PUFF)—The last vestiges of individuality left on the iPlanet. Interesting, unique types who have modeled themselves off of icons and legends of the past.

Other roles to be split amongst the ensemble: BOTS, GAGA KIDS, TEEN QUEENS, YUPPIES, DOCTORS, COPS

A note for auditioners on these characters:
They are very real people and as such, are not stereotypes at all. Each is nuanced, and when they might act in ways we disagree with, its only because they are addressing a very real, personal need. Even if someone seems like a jock,cheerleader,” or band geek,” etc, they are multidimensional humans with all kinds of interesting qualities and traits that make them unique, and just like us, they are so much more than their labels.

Any ethnicity/body type. Male. VERY focused on making the right impression and wants to please the people around him. Excited about his Bar Mitzvah, mostly as an opportunity to make an impression on his new classmates. Determined. Seeking meaningful friendships (whatever that means), especially in a new place. Becoming a man but doesn’t know what that should mean.

Any ethnicity/body type. Female or non-binary/gender non-conforming. Of all the students, she is the most at-home in who she is and values kindness, respect, and self-advocacy, but may lose some of her confidence when hurt by the people she cares about most. “Over” the popularity hierarchy system. Think a cooler, kinder Janis Ian from Mean Girls. She’s probably already politically active because she stands up for what’s right.

Any ethnicity/body type. Cis-gender male. SUPER great at sports. Needs to feel in control.Probably listens to a lot of Bruno Mars, or maybe has heard a good deal of Barry White in the car with his parents, which influences his concept of romance. As it turns out, he doesn’t like scary movies as much as he thought he would, but has certain ideas about what it means to be male and get older. Maybe he got them from an older brother?

Malcolm & Eddie
Any ethnicity/body type. Cis-gender male. Friends with Brett. Athletes. Depend on leaders to help formulate their opinions, whether that’s Brett or a coach. Both look for ways to categorize people. Obsessed with girls (as long as they don’t get in the way of sports) but not entirely sure how to interact with them yet, but they probably spend a lot of time researching what it means to
have a girlfriend.

Any ethnicity/body type. Female. Pretty but sick of people telling her that because it gives her imposter syndrome and she’s not exactly comfortable with that label yet. Exploring the feelings she has about certain boys in her class, but questioning how that ties into her faith. Relies on her friends and looking for confidence. She is a cheerleader and loves performing.

Any ethnicity/body type. Male. Has muscular dystrophy, specifically DMD, and a wicked sense of humor. Whip-smart and maybe a musical theatre kid (maybe only because Kendra is, maybe not), but definitely a choir kid. In love with Kendra and feels this emotion more strongly than anything else. Appreciative of Patrice and Evan’s friendships. Can read people like a book.

Any ethnicity/body type. Cis-gender female. Needs validation and is pretty smart, especially when it comes to how other people will react to things (a great deal emotional intelligence). Has a queen bee attitude, but there’s a real need underneath. She is a cheerleader and vocalist, and is strong in her faith. Has firm opinions on what it means to have a boyfriend, which she maybe got from an older sister or too many 2000s teen romantic comedies on Netflix. Above all, she is still a very real person and not a villain.

Cassie, Charlotte, & Molly
Any ethnicity/body type. Female. Cheerleaders. Communicate frequently via TikTok, SnapChat, text message, or GroupMe and find it very important to find a sense of belonging. Desperate to know what’s going on with everybody at school as a means of survival. Would love to find boyfriends (maybe) but not sure what all that entails yet.

Richie & Simon
Any ethnicity/body type. Male. Would love to be close friends with Brett, Malcolm, and Eddie. Also athletes. They would love to know more about what makes girls tick because they are a freaking mystery.

Other Classmates
Any ethnicity/body type. Any gender. Cheerleaders, choir kids, band kids, Quiz Bowl kids, art kids, political kids, popular, nerdy, athletic and not. Smart and not. Able-bodied and not. All are really, really awesome people.

Any ethnicity/body type. Any gender. Very wise and also very realistic. Works hard to help Evan gain a more realistic view of the world and sometimes uses humor to do so.

**It should be noted that gender is reflective of the characters identified gender, which may not always be the same gender as identified at birth. More of these characters may even be non-binary/gender non-conforming. Also, some of these characters may be LGBTQ. If their role in the play doesn’t always reflect that, it’s because they might not be comfortable sharing that information with everyone just yet. Maybe just their close friends or parents know. Maybe not. Maybe they are out and proud!

11-15 performers of any gender. All characters must be strong vocalists and comfortable with movement.  BIPOC = Black, Indigenous and People of Color


Vocal Range: N/A                               Gender: Female identifying                Ethnicity: BIPOC

A courageous, stubborn young girl who plays LITTLE TI MOUNE and guides us throughout the show as an observer as the story is told to her. This role has no solo singing, but should be comfortable being on stage for long periods of time, and have a dynamic stage presence.



Vocal Range: Mezzo/Belter                Gender: Female identifying                Ethnicity: BIPOC

Ti Moune is the focus and heroine of our story, featured in several solo songs and dances. She is a peasant girl with great ambition, otherwise known as “her head in the clouds.” She loves her Euralie and Julian, but she dreams of a different life for herself – and is willing to do what it takes to get what she wants. She believes in the power of love more than anything. Should be comfortable belting up to an Eb and driving pivotal moments of the story.



Vocal Range: Alto                               Gender: Female identifying                Ethnicity: BIPOC

Mother to an orphaned Ti Moune – she is loving, practical, and funny. She supports Ti Moune, but she also wants to bring her back down to reality.



Vocal Range: Bass/Tenor                   Gender: Male identifying                     Ethnicity: BIPOC

A loving father to his adopted daughter, Ti Moune. Tonton is strong and supportive, and faces the difficult task of letting Ti Moune chase her dreams, even if it means he may never see his daughter again.



Vocal Range: Tenor                            Gender: Male identifying                     Ethnicity: Any

Rich heir of a hotel chain. He is a member of the Beauxhommes and lives a different lifestyle. While he may not consider himself a bad person, his distaste for the peasant class and pre-arranged engagement to Andrea lead to his cruelty towards Ti Moune.



Vocal Range: Mezzo                          Gender: Female identifying                Ethnicity: Any

The well-to-do fiancee of Daniel. She hides her coldness and disdain for peasants behind niceties, and does not care for Ti Moune.


PAPA GE, God of Death

Vocal Range: Tenor / Belter               Gender: Any                                        Ethnicity: Any

“The sly demon of death,” Papa Ge takes pleasure in death and suffering. They do have a soft side, but it is seldom seen. Should be vicious and scary, with a commanding presence.


ASAKA, Goddess of the Earth

Vocal Range: Mezzo/Belter                Gender: Any                                        Ethnicity: Any

Asaka provides the rich earth to grow crops and is considered a generous god. Should have a powerful voice and commanding presence to bring the house down for “Mama Will Provide”


AGWE, God of Water

Vocal Range: Bass/Baritone              Gender: Male identifying                     Ethnicity: Any


Agwe is the unpredictable god of water, responsible for flooding the island and dangerous storms. He is as playful as he is malicious. Should have a powerful lower register with a belt up to an E natural. Option up to G# at the end of “Rain” is preferred but not required.


ERZULIE, Goddess of Love

Vocal Range: Soprano                       Gender: Female identifying                Ethnicity: Any

The nicest of the gods, Erzulie looks after Ti Moune and convinces the other gods to help her to show what true love can accomplish. Should be a confident singer and able to sustain legato lines for “Human Heart.”



Storytellers, Gossipers, Villagers, Grands Hommes, Peasants, Gatekeepers, etc.
* Will also be members of the ensemble

Note: Unless specified, all ethnicities and body types will be given equitable consideration for each role. BIPOC stands for “Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color”.

Velma (Any ethnicity, BIPOC encouraged to audition, Cis-Female) is driven by the need to stay relevant, at all costs. Realist. Fierce. Engaging. Thoughtful. Persuasive.

Roxie (Any ethnicity, BIPOC encouraged to audition, Cis-Female) is driven to become a world-renowned vaudevillian performer, at all costs. However, she’s tired of being used and wants to take control of her life, instead of pleading to someone else. Optimist. Spry. Smart. Stubborn.  Opportunist.  A do-er, if you will.

Fred represents those who string us along for their own gain. Nothing he says comes from a place of truth. Manipulative. Misogynist. Greedy.

Amos wants to be seen and respected. A good heart just trying his best. Wants to do the right thing. Earnest. Naïve. Impulsive. Righteous.

Officer Fogarty is as Chicago as it gets. He’s been on the force for years. He’s seen everything and nothing surprises him. Some might say that he’s grown immune to investigating murder’s in town.

Merry Murderesses:  Each of them is vying to be the most notorious woman there, except for Hunyak. She wants to be proven innocent. She is the most genuine person in the play and sings mainly about how Uncle Sam, the American people, have alienated her as a foreigner.

Liz says everything with a smile. She dares people to try and egg her on, knowing that she wants a reason to release into rage. Dagger’s in her teeth. Quick. Violent.

Annie goes the chemical warfare route in contrast to her compatriots. She’s smart, clean, perhaps thinking she’s better than the other women in the jail.

June is the most brutish of the bunch. She will not be pushed around. Unlike Liz, June gave no warning, stabbing her husband ten times while probably enjoying it.

Mona leaves us in the most amount of suspense. She doesn’t relay what she did to Alvin Lipshitz, but it had to be an ugly scene. I get an image of a lion stalking its prey. Conniving.

Matron Mama Morton (Potentially male in drag) wants to provide for her detainee’s but is economical in her approach. She is the smartest character in this play and can see through people’s antics. She wheels and deals with the best of them but shows compassion and care. She keeps people honest.

Billy (Any ethnicity, BIPOC encouraged to audition, Non-Binary) wants to become a billionaire by any means possible. They are a silver-tongued fox that takes in all information, even when they appear to be disinterested. Self-aware. Goes where the money is. Unafraid. Ready for all scenarios. Sees through the antics.

Mary Sunshine (Non-Binary) is driven by gossip and scandal. The juicier the gossip, the more papers she can sell. She knows how to spin a story to make readers interested. She’s the quintessential reporter in that all other reporters follow her lead.

Kitty is similar to the women of the jail, but with one big exception: she comes from money. It may even be the first true problem she has ever had to face. She’s temperamental and sees herself as above everyone else, including Billy.

The Judge and Clerk are unenthused to be at Roxie’s hearing. They would rather be anywhere else than here. The Judge, however, is taken with Billy. There’s a good chance these two-play golf together or participate in cards every week.

Harrison wants to beat Billy. Harrison is the opposite of Billy in every way—unkempt, no dazzle. Harrison has never won a case against Billy, but he feels that this is the one that could finally turn the tide.

There are many different ensemble members that will act as the Masters of Ceremonies. These characters are similar to Roxie but are maybe just a rung above her. They have dreams and aspirations of becoming famous and rise out of the ensemble. Each time one of them introduces an act, they are trying to gain sympathy, adoration, etc. from the audience. They are not trying to upstage the lead, but they are very committed to their jobs in the hopes someone will notice.